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Exfoliation! Seems like everybody talks about exfoliating, but what's the best way to do it? The

benefits of exfoliation are plentiful, and many products are available. From manual scrubs, and chemical peels to loofahs and fruit enzyme exfoliation... the list is endless. We're purveyors of the good stuff - botanical, natural scrubs created with the purest and most natural exfoliants we can find.

Whether you want a salty, sandy, olive stone, rice, coconut, or bamboo one, they are available here and are the mainstay of any bathroom. Using an exfoliating body scrub is an easy, natural way to remove dry and flaky skin and smooth dimples (a nice way of saying cellulite!). It also leaves skin feeling softer and altogether less dirty! Here's our top tips on the benefits of exfoliating.


The answer to glowing, radiant skin is, it turns out, fairly simple: a good exfoliating product. It will help to even out the skin tone. This is essential if you wear makeup - flaky, patchy, rough areas can look cakey if makeup is applied to them. A speedy, effective way to re-surface skin and even texture is a good facial exfoliator.

Skin will appear smoother and refreshed - old, rough, and flaky skin has been discarded, and plump, hydrated new skin cells are revealed. This will soothe and even the skin tone overall.


Once a week, after cleansing, select a facial polish or face scrub that best suits your skin type. In addition, discover one that you love the smell of (because let's be honest, it should be an enjoyable experience, too!). Simply apply to moistened skin, massage very gently in circles, and rinse away.

Here are our top picks of face polish for different skin types:

Rose and Rice Polish: For dull, dry skin - Bursting with powdered roses, rose clay, and vitamin E to deliver a bright radiant, and glowing skin tone.

Daily Resurfacing Exfoliant: To solve oily, pigmented skin - To balance oil production, lighten blemishes and leave skin tone radiant.

Chamomile + Lavender Mask: To release congested skin - a little goes a really long way; a 2 oz. jar will last a good 3 months!


We all have lots of pores! They are openings in the skin at the top of our hair follicles. Pores are also where the sebum (our body’s natural oils) is released to the surface to help our skin naturally moisturize itself.

Furthermore, when there is a build-up of dead skin, grime, dirt, and pollution, pores will expand to accommodate the build-up and get blocked. Exfoliating is a great first step to removing dirt from pores and minimizing their appearance.


Exfoliating is essential for skincare maintenance to manage acne and breakouts. Firstly, cleansing is essential, but the importance of exfoliating isn't always recognized. A good exfoliation will get rid of excess oil, unclog pores, and get rid of dirt and pollutants - often the root cause of breakouts.

We must add - without seeing an image of an individual case of acne, it can be hard to tell if it's an issue for a medical professional. If you are struggling with regular breakouts and acne, it's always best to consult your doctor.


A well-loved pre-holiday tip is to indulge in a full-body exfoliation before going on holiday. Removing dead skin will reveal fresh, newer skin and the sun will tan your newer cells - ensuring that the tan will last longer. If you don't exfoliate before tanning, the dead skin will tan, and these cells will shed faster.

Please ensure that you always use a good quality sun tan lotion with an SPF or a sunblock such as zinc. Sun damage is really bad for your skin and overall health.

If you're thinking of applying fake tan, or getting a spray tan, ensure you exfoliate first to ensure an even, streak-free finish. When applied straight onto the skin that hasn't had a good exfoliation, it will cling to the drier, older skin cells, leaving a patchy finish. Most of all, make sure to focus on dry areas - such as hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

Seems like we all love a spa for a good body scrub and pamper day! But if you haven't got time, try exfoliating at home. We have an abundance of natural body polishes using salt, sugar, coffee, clay, dried botanicals, and rice to feed the skin. Experience one of our summer favorite body scrubs:


  1. When in a bath or shower (making sure you're steadied and not balancing on one leg!) start your skin care exfoliation from the feet and work up. Choose a scrub to suit your mood or skin type. In a circular motion, massage gently onto the skin, working towards the heart.

  2. Ensure that any open cuts, wounds, or grazes are left alone - and best to do this prior to shaving legs to ensure that skin isn't too sensitive. It's great to exfoliate a couple of days after shaving, too, to help stop ingrown hairs. A naturally antibacterial scrub, such as the Rose Body Polish, will help this - the essential oils are great for cleansing pores and stopping them from being blocked.

  3. Give bums and thighs a vigorous scrubbing - the stimulation will encourage circulation, helping to tone skin. Choose a scrub with natural caffeine to tighten further - such as the Café de Olla Body Scrub

  4. Pay special attention to knees, elbows, hands, and feet. A favorite scrub for feet is the super refreshing and cooling Woodland Pedi Scrub. The green clay and seaweed will help detox, whilst the cooling and deep cleansing peppermint oil will leave feet feeling amazing.

  5. Not to forget arms and decollete. If the neck and chest area is showing early signs of aging, use a healthy aging body scrub such as the Pear, Pumpkin, & Poppy Body Polish. Packed with vitamins and skin-loving caviar to help skin cell regeneration.

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